"Nabin A Boy From Kuni Village" Nabin is 11 years old and he is from Kuni Village in Karnali. We meet him during a month and half long visit in Karnali. The story of Nabin goes like this; He fell off the cliff at the age of 7 and broke his back. He was left lying in his home bed for a month and then he was admitted to Kalikot District hospital. According to Nabin's parents, the doctors had very little interest in his suffering. Finally his wounds had rotten with maggots. His spinal cord was damaged and since then he has been paralysis below his waist. Kuni is a remarkable village next to a thick forest situated at 6,300 feet from the sea level. There is no transport, nor electricity, Nabin literally had to be carried on a basket to go to school. He is currently studying in 7 class. He is a bright child who is keen to progress study. We were imaged bye seeing how positive he was about life despite his circumstances. We saw in his eyes he had so much potentials waiting to explode if only an opportunity could be granted. Help Nepal Foundation would like to deeply thank from bottom of our heart to Dr. Roka (MD) from Kent, UK for sponsoring Nabin.